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POF dating Application

POF Dating Application

Plenty of Fish is a popular and free online dating site which was founded in 2003. This site provides its services all over the world but its services are more popular in the countries like Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Brazil and United States of America. provides dating platforms to its customer for free but not completely free. For some of the services a member had to subscribe or become the premium members. You can create a profile and login for free but for sending and receiving messages, to see if your messages are read or not, and for other tasks you have to upgrade your membership. You can also download the POF Dating Application for free.POF dating Application

Plenty of Fish is one of the most popular and leading dating site. It had more than 80 million official members and according to the survey from this site, there are 50 thousands new members who join the site in a week. And for the convenience of the customer, the site has developed an online POF dating application by which a customer can use this site and use the services from the web site through this app in their mobile phones. You can get this app for free without needing to pay any charge from the store.POF dating Application

It has made the application available for the smartphones with iOS OS and android OS and windows mobiles. With this app, a member can use the services anytime from anywhere if the internet connection is available. Using this site through the mobile app is easier and convenient than from computers and laptops. So this site records more than 80 percentage of login from the mobile devices.

Benefits of POF Dating Application

The mobile app has various features which makes it easy for user and get benefited. Some of the benefits and features of this app are:-

  • Sing Up and Sign InPOF dating Application

The sign up and Sing In is easier with the app than from the computers. You can easily complete the POF sign up and POF Sign In by directly opening the app. You don’t need to go through any browser and address.

  • Edit Profile

edit pof profile

You can also edit your profile picture easily. You can simply go through the menu and change your profile, add your information, change the information, delete and perform other various changes in the profile with the app easily.

  • Find Mobile Users Near You

pof search

One of the best features of using the plenty of fish app in mobile is, you can search the users near your location. But for that you have to turn on your GPS in your device and you can find the users who are around your location.

  • Access Your Messages


You can easily chat or send or get messages by the application. You can instantly chat with the persons who are online.

Besides these, you can have many other features in the apps. With this apps the active members are increasing as you can access the site in anytime from anywhere.

Plenty of Fish App

Before POF was available in the laptops and personal computers only. Today, many of the people are very busy and they do not have enough time to open your computers every time they want to. So, Plenty of Fish has introduced mobile dating application for such users. By using the Plenty of Fish App, they will not need to have access to their PC or laptops to use the features offered. They just need to take out the mobile phone and then login to POF and search for the true love.

Plenty of Fish Online Dating

The Plenty of Fish App is developed and introduced so that you can easily have an access to POF from at any time from any place. However, you should remember that your device should be connected to internet to be able to use the POF App. The application has made it easy to remain in touch with your loved one even if you are not close to your laptops. You can download the app via internet and install it in your device. Access the following link from your browser for downloading the Plenty of Fish App.

Plenty of Fish App

  • POF Android:-

POF Android App

  • POF iOS:-


(Note: – you will be able to download the POF mobile app only for your iPad and iPhone as the app is not supported in iPod)

  • POF Windows:-

POF Windows App

As you install the downloaded app on your device successfully you can access your account easily. Just follow the easy steps below to login using POF Dating App:-

  1. Open the install app in your device.
  2. Enter your username and password. (Note: always use the correct username and password while logging in else you will not be able to log in. a single miss-spell in either username or password will show the login errors)
  3. Tap the Check Mail button.

If you have not registered your account in this site, you can sign up using the POF App or through web. During the sign up process, it is necessary that you provide all the correct information about your profile. In your profile you have option to mention about your likes and dislikes which helps other members to know about you more. Remember to keep the attractive profile picture for your profile.

POF app contains all the features that are offered in POF site. The introduction of app has made many people easily find the love using their mobile phones.